Meet Paperchain

Paperchain is a New York City-based fintech company working at the intersection of media, finance and technology.

Vast amounts of consumption data is delivered to thousands of content management platforms everyday around the globe. Our mission is to use data to empower financial market participation via an innovative investment market of digital media revenue.

Paperchain is transforming the digital media ecosystem into a fully inclusive financial market.


valerie angulo Paperchain data analyst

Valerie Angulo

Data Analyst

daniel dewar Paperchain ceo

Daniel Dewar

Co-founder, CEO

sarah janiszewski Paperchain head of music business

Sarah Janiszewski

Head of Music Business

Shashank Srivastav Paperchain Data Engineer

Shahsank Srivastav

Data Engineer

dave tomaselli Paperchain cro

Dave Tomaselli

Co-founder, CRO

Budd White Paperchain COO

Budd White


Interested in working with Paperchain?


Harumi Urata-Thompson Paperchain Advisor

Harumi Urata-Thompson

CEO, Celestial Data

Tae Royle Paperchain Advisor

Tae Royle

Head of Digital Legal Services, Ashurst.

Colleen Theis Paperchain Advisor

Colleen Theis

COO, The Orchard

Joe Conyers Paperchain Advisor

Joe Conyers III

GM, Songtrust. CTO, Downtown Music Publishing.

Working with us

We're always looking to meet people who have an interest in working at the intersection of finance, media and technology. If you have experience or interest in blockchain development, software engineering, financial markets, and marketing, we'd love to hear from you.



College education is not a prerequisite. If you did go to college, we place no weighting on where you studied.



We encourage women, non-cisgender and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds to get in touch with us.



A remote team allows us to build products that incorporate a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Visionaries & Makers

Visionaries & Makers

From backend infrastructure to blockchain development, front-end integration, marketing and financial operations, we want to speak with people excited about building the future of financial infrastructure.

List of available roles

Don’t see your role? Make your own and email jobs [at] paperchain [dot] io with your ideas.

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