Modernizing media finance & revenue recognition

Paperchain allows media companies to connect their stream & transaction reporting feeds from digital platforms and turn their daily sales data into liquid assets, selling them at a discount to market buyers and accelerating media payments to daily cycles.

Paperchain - Need to access capital? Accelerated and automated AR financing.
Turn daily media consumption into sellable AR

Connect data reporting feeds and turn your daily media consumption data into instantly sellable receivables

An efficient, low-cost, and scalable finance solutions

Access a lower cost of capital through a global network of traditional and P2P investors

Accelerating AR financing and streamlining payments

Deploy newly realized working capital into new content or other areas of revenue generation

A New Asset Class for Media

Creating tradable asset classes from transactional data allows media revenues to become liquid in near-real time, meaning industry pay cycles can now move at the speed of digital consumption.

Paperchain leverages decentralized protocols to decrease the cost of asset creation and value transfer, providing a low-cost and scalable alternative to traditional loan & AR financing products.

A new capital market for the digital media industry
  1. Music companies connect their daily DSP trends and analytics feeds.
  2. Daily revenues can be viewed in Paperchain's revenue dashboard.
  3. Music companies can have their daily revenue paid out immediately, moving the pay cycle down from 45-120 days to 1.

Advanced revenues can be allocated by artist, track, territory, and DSP.

Digital Publishing & Advertising
  1. Paperchain taps into existing ad network reporting feeds, collateralizing the impression and click into receivables.
  2. Investors buy the receivables at a discount, and the money is paid immediately to the Seller (Publishers, Agencies, DSPs, Networks, and SSPs).
  3. Investors are paid out through the traditional remittance cycles.
Film & TV
  1. Daily consumption data from platforms & distributors are collateralized into receivables. Netflix contracts with outstanding receivables can be also uploaded.
  2. Investors buy consumption receivables at a discount, or buy the outstanding Netflix receivable at a discount. Funds are paid to Studios and Distributors immediately.
  3. Investors are paid out from the traditional remittance cycles. Integrations with CAMs such as Fintage House facilitate waterfall payments.
Game & App Developers
  1. Game & mobile app developers connect existing marketplace or app store reporting feeds, the sales data into receivable assets.
  2. Investors buy the outstanding receivable assets in the marketplace, the money is advanced to game & app developers ahead of the pay cycle.
  3. Investors are paid out at the traditional pay cycle.

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