The music industry’s digital supply chain is broken


unidentified titles


in unpaid royalties


unidentified titles added monthly

 Music Copyright Administration is in Silos

The divided administration of recording and publishing means that digital service providers receive the recording license metadata or the publishing licensing metadata, but never both.

 Missing Data is a $2.5bn Problem

Service providers are unable to pay to rights owners where the owner is unknown. 45 million titles with unknown rights owners were filed to the US Copyright in the past year, with 1.3 million being added each month.

 Black Box Royalties are Unclaimed Royalties

Paperchain has an indexed database of over 45 million unidentified right owner titles, predominantly coming from the NOI titles claimed to the US Copyright Office under Section 115 - Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License.

Products & services to unify rights owner databases across the industry.

Our Products

Pura by Paperchain

A metadata validation platform for Labels, Publishers, Performing Rights Organizations, and other large intermediaries of the music industry.

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Pulse by Paperchain

A Rights Registration, Digital Asset Management, and Content Distribution software platform for Labels and Publishers.

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Database services

Paperchain helps maintain your data quality through data sanitisation and standardisation services. We ensure your data is DDEX and CWR ready and interoperable with other databases in the music industry network.

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Data Solutions for the Music Industry

 Labels & Publishers

Identify unclaimed royalties and update service providers with right owner information. Retrieve unpaid royalties and get notified when your right owner information is updated in service provider databases or new unidentified titles are filed.

 PROs & CMOs

Add member service value by reducing the amount of time to ingest sales and royalty reports. Focus on core member services and utilise Paperchain’s data pipeline to sanitise and match service provider data to member data.

 Digital Service Providers

Access Paperchain’s growing database of titles with recording-to-composition links. Utilise Paperchain’s lookup services to identify right owners and avoid Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License filings.

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