Faster payments for the digital media industry

We're working on a faster payments model for the digital media. Using decentralized finance protocols and media consumption data, we're building the future of media payments.
we're in stealth mode right now :)

Connect your digital sales and media platforms

Paperchain integrates with your digital media platform APIs. Connect accounts in minutes and start accessing advanced revenue in as little as 24 hours.

All of your daily revenues, in one place

Access a unified view of how much revenue you’re generating every day. Explore revenue and ROI insights in a simple real-time revenue dashboard.

Faster digital media revenue payments

Get next day access to your revenue from your digital media platforms. Paperchain accelerates your revenue payments so you can grow today.

Deploy new revenues to grow

Whether you’re looking to provide faster payments to your creator partners or simply optimizing cash flow, you’ll have the flexibility to recognize new revenue every day and deploy where it’s needed most.

Music Company
Pay your artists bi-weekly or monthly without disrupting your own accounting cycles.
Record Label
New release Friday? Access your revenue the next day and fund marketing campaigns to capitalize on virality and trends.
Digital Publishing
Advance trading desk and advertiser revenues and pay your publishers ahead of time.
Film & TV
Don’t wait on Netflix’ payment schedule. Access your Netflix contract revenues immediately and start investing into your next production.